New concept

If you are reading this, welcome to my new website. A new concept, a new way to express myself. For a long time I have been dedicated to working really hard on it, learning and building my own world, I’m still on the way to figuring it out, but I think the moment to show you has arrived.

All I create is unique and exclusive, it’s done with love, and I put all my soul into this.

I always dreamed of my own studio, and this dream finally came true. I’m a Fashion Designer and passionate photographer, I also like any kind of art. I’m currently living in Liverpool where I have my life. I’m a dreamer who is starving to learn. If you are around my city, come to see me. If not, just don’t miss out on what is coming…

I would like to say that it is difficult for me to express myself in another language so please be patient and expect the basic communication, I’ve decided to do this in english because currently, my life is in english.

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